You can participate in the presale if you meet any of the following conditions.

#1 Retention of NFTs

Buy NFTs

You may participate in a pre-sale event with your ownership of Tokyo-Hot NFT. The higher tier owners may purchase additional tokens during a pre-sale.

  1. PREMIUM - up to $1000
  2. SUPER RARE - up to $500
  3. RARE - up to $250
  4. COMMON - up to $100

#2 Become a Member

Sign Up to Tokyo-hot

Tokyo-Hot’s existing members shall be entitled to participate in a presale, and each member shall receive a ticket to participate in a presale. Each member’s allowable purchase depends on each member’s membership tier. However, the aggregate amount of possible purchase is limited when compared with NFT owners.

  1. Please wait for announcement

#3 Long-Time Members

Special Thanks

With our wholehearted appreciation to long time Tokyo-Hot members, they will be allocated preferred amounts of purchase tokens. Depending upon the length of membership, the allocation may vary.

  1. Please wait for announcement
Your participation privilege (including your payments) to participate in Tokyo-Hot’s original token pre-sale does not guarantee (1) any future IPO; (2) an issuance of original virtual currency; and (3) your principal and/or original payments.